Make Shift Boston Member Application Form
Hi! Thanks for your interest in our coworking space. Here is a little more about being a member:

You contribute:
– $175-250 sliding scale monthly dues (this covers the space's rent, all utilities, and basic office supplies)
– Your time, energy, and ideas to maintaining the space, attending monthly meetings, periodic retreats, and committees

You get:
– 24/7 access, including the ability to bring friends and collaborators into the space
– A percentage of dedicated non-common space to use for desk work, studio space, etc.
– Opportunities to curate events, meetings, openings, and workshops in shared space
– Social time (happy hours, music, networking events, hanging out, parties)

We are also in the process of designing a part-time or "Shiftwork" membership for limited hours and reduced dues. See below to indicate your interest in this option.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to answer our questions below. Since we are a consensus-based organization comprised of 12-14 busy people, we can at times be a slow-moving beast. We appreciate your patience; somebody will contact you soon.
Your Name, Your Organization if Applicable *
Your gender pronoun
He/his, she/her, they/their, etc.
Your Email *
Phone # *
Are you applying as an organization or as an individual? *
I.e. will you be working in the space by yourself, or do you work regularly with a team? (You're still an individual if you work primarily on your own, even if you collaborate with folks from time to time; an 'organization' is a group that always works together and is essential to one another's work.)
If you are applying as an organization, tell us more about your organization.
How many members are you? Are you all planning to spend an equal amount of time in the space? Will one of you primarily be using the space, with others coming and going? We do have membership options for these various scenarios.
Tell us more about your work. *
Is it for-profit or non-profit? Do you have clients? If so, who are they? What are the primary goals of your work? Is the work you'd like to do at Make Shift your primary source of income? If not, what is your "day job" and how (if at all) does it relate to the work you'd like to do here?
How do you plan to use your work station? *
What are some activities you would expect to do in the space? (Meetings, computer work, phone calls, screenprinting, some combination of these...?)
What hours do you plan to work in the space? *
Just curious.
We are working on crafting a "Shiftwork" membership which would allow you to work in the space for approximately 25 hours/week in exchange for reduced dues ($75-150/month sliding scale). Would this option interest you? *
As a Shiftworker, you would have a key and could come and go as you please. You could work at the family table and the other common spaces but would not get your own dedicated desk space. You could not host meetings or events or bring clients or collaborators into the space.
Being a member involves attending monthly meetings, doing chores, participating in committees, and reading and responding to internal email communication. Can you commit to spending about 4-8 hours a month on these Make/Shift responsibilities? *
Make Shift Boston is a space for artists and activists doing values-minded and creative work. How does your work fit into the Make/Shift artist/activist model? *
What elements of your work are creative? What elements are social justice oriented? Do the two intersect and if so how?
Please read our mission statement and values (use this link to access them: As a member, how would your presence and/or your work in the space help further our mission and values? How would joining our space reflect your own personal values? *
What is your timeline for joining? *
ie: As soon as possible, I'm flexible, x date
We interview applicants during our once a month all member meetings. Would you be able to make it to an interview on a Friday at 10am? *
If you choose "no" or "other," please indicate other days/times that week that are better for you.
How did you hear about Make Shift?
Check all that appy
Did somebody refer you? Put their name and email below so they can receive a $25 cash bonus if you join!
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