DevOps Toolkit Catalog
Please help us choose which topics, tools, and processes would you like us to explore next and add to the "The DevOps Toolkit: Catalog, Patterns, And Blueprints" book and course.

Choose any number of those already listed, and add anything else in the free-form field at the bottom.

Whichever subject gains most interest, is likely to be explored and added next (unless we do not like it).

Topics that are currently covered or are in progress:
- Infrastructure as Code
- Terraform/GCP
- Terraform/AWS
- Terraform/Azure
- Packaging, Deploying, And Managing Applications
- Helm
- Setting Up A Local Development Environment
- OS
- Terminal
- Shell
- Logging
- Grafana Loki
- Serverless
- Azure
- Kubernetes (e.g., Knative)
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