ISSessions Club Executive Nominations 2020 - 2021
It's time for a new ISSessions Executive Team to take over the reins and shape the future of this wonderful community! Being an ISSessions Executive is a wonderful opportunity to make friends, develop leadership and technical skills, and organize wonderful initiatives (talks/workshops/CTFs) that empower the students and alumni of this great program and beyond!

If you're worried about applying, don't be! You'll have the former executive team behind you for support and guidance. You'll also have Louai, the current President, serving as the Vice President to provide a mentorship role to the new team.

The nominee must be a current student. Furthermore, if the candidate is running for President, they cannot be on their co-op term between May 2020 and April 2021. This restriction is in place because presidents must attend mandatory SSU meeting which take place during working hours.

Can't wait to see your applications!

Form closes on Friday, April 17 at 11:59PM. Interviews will be held week of April 20-24.
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