[MiniComi] General Survey
Let us know what you thought about MiniComi 2016! We'll use this to improve on MiniComi next year.
All questions are optional, so answer what you like!
Have you been to MiniComi prior to this year's event?
Do you like the current venue (1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, BC)?
Strongly dislike
Love it
What did you like or dislike about the current venue?
Your answer
Is it easy for you to get to MiniComi?
How did you get to Minicomi?
Are there enough nearby parking options for you?
Did you make use of the amenities in the neighbourhood? (other than parking)
How much time did you spend at MiniComi?
How do you find the length of the event?
Too short
Too long
How much did you spend at this year's MiniComi?
What is your general impression of the quality of artwork at this year's MiniComi?
How did you feel about the number of artists at this year's MiniComi?
Too few
Too many
Things you liked about the event:
Your answer
Things you disliked about the event:
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Ideas and suggestions for future MiniComi events:
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