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Spring 2017
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The purpose of our Human Library event is to start a dialogue that will promote better understandings of different challenges and issues students and professionals face due to their ethnicity, disabilities, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation and identity. We expect books to present themselves in an authentic way through a positive exchange. Books and readers are asked to treat each other with tolerance and respect. *
Is this the kind of event you would like to be involved with?
The date for this event is Thursday, April 6, 2017 from 11:15am-1:30pm. Are you available to participate the entire time? *
We are looking for people whose stories and experiences touch on the following categories, as defined by the Human Library Organization: *
While you may qualify for more than one category, select the one that you would like to focus on, as part of your story.
Please provide details for category selected above. How do you fit in this designated role? *
Why are you interested in the Human Library program? What do you hope to get out of your participation? *
What is your book title? *
If more than one title is listed, we will select the title that we think will attract the most readers.
What would be the abstract of your book? Please include any aspects of your chosen category that would be especially intriguing or that would catch a reader's attention. *
The abstract for each human book will be printed for display and on the upcoming Chaffey Human Library website and materials.
Can you list a few questions that you would like to be asked? *
We will provide readers with these questions, to help get the conversation started.
Would you like to offer multiple-person checkouts at one time? *
The library tables can accommodate up to 4 people per table. Patrons would be required to begin "reading" the book at the same time.
Would you need any special accommodations that we could provide?
How/where did you hear about our event?
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