Wiltshire County Quality of Programme Checker Support - Explorer

To help you with your Programme Planning we have created a copy of the Quality Programme Checker with the ability for you to comment where you would appreciate support so the County Support Team can help you.
The Quality of Programme Checker is a tool designed to help you to plan and review your programmes, and make sure that you are delivering quality Scouting to the young people that you work with.

A Quality Programme is Challenging, Relevant and Rewarding for every young person.

What we mean by Challenging
• More opportunities for outdoor and adventurous activities in safe environments
• Gaining confidence by participating in new or less familiar activities and stepping out of their comfort zones
• All young people regardless of their abilities, can enjoy and achieve

What we mean by Relevant
• Young people shape the programme based on what they want to learn and explore
• Ensuring the needs of every young person are met
• Responding to what young people are currently inquisitive about and reflecting this in the programme

What we mean by Rewarding
• Developing skills for life, including teamwork and leadership
• Supporting young people with their progression through the sections
• Young people are excited about Scouting, having fun and increasing in confidence

The categories will help you to identify any areas where your programme could be improved, and set targets for you to reach when planning your next programme. The figures included in the categories have been calculated following research with Section Leaders.

This tool could be used to review programmes which you have already run and identify areas that need a greater focus for the coming term or year, or new programmes which you are planning for the term or year ahead to make sure there aren’t any gaps. You should tick the box next to the answer that best applies to your programme for each question.

What Percentage of Explorers gain at least their DofE Silver or Chief Scout Gold Award?
Clear selection
If less than 20%, what is preventing your Explorers from achieving their top awards and what support would you welcome to help increase achievement?
How many activities take place outside the normal meeting place per year?
Clear selection
If less than 3, what challenges do you face which prevent you from experiencing more?
How many times per year does your Unit engage with the local community?
Clear selection
If less than 1, what challenges do you face which prevent you from engaging more?
How often does your Unit take part in any of the following activities each year: –National programme initiatives –County –District –With another section?
Clear selection
If less than 2, what difficulties are you experiencing that prevent you from taking part in more National Programme Initiatives and/or District and County events?
How many nights away do Explorers have the opportunity to attend per year?
Clear selection
If less than 3 Nights Away experience, what are the challenges you face that prevent your Explorers from undertaking more Nights Away experiences?
Youth Involvement
Clear selection
If you do not regularly hold Unit Forums or District Forums, please can you tell us why? If you would like help in running a Forum please let us know.
Delivery of Programme
Clear selection
What challenges do you face in planning quality programmes and what support would you welcome to help you improve your planning?
Please enter your email address here. You will also receive an email copy of what you submitted for your reference.
Please Note - The information you have provided here will only be shared with those that can offer support and an email address is required purely so that we can make contact with you. It is NOT to catch you out or point the finger at your Section!
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