Dean A. Beers - NRA Board Nomination & Newsletter
Dean A. Beers - NRA Board Nomination & Newsletter

I want to represent YOU and the Private Investigative and Security professions on the NRA Board!

I am very proud to now be an NRA Endowment Life Member. The oldest civil rights organization, defending the 2nd Amendment because it protects our full Bill of Rights and Constitution. Like a divided house cannot stand, neither can a Bill of Rights.

Independence Day 2017, I officially announced my candidacy to be nominated for the 2018 election ballot to the NRA Board. This is a grassroots effort and there is a short amount of time for me to qualify with your help, this site will be updated with this information.

Please complete the form, at the link below, for my newsletter to keep you informed of 2nd Amendment news, NRA news, and my campaign.

The NRA Nominating Committee meets 08/26 to determine who they will place on the ballot, and from those names who they will endorse. I should know this status by the time I attend the next NRA Board meeting 09/09. This will be the first newsletter.

The time send nominations is closed. However, you can send professional endorsements to the NRA Nominating Committee. These should be mailed by 08/18 to ensure distribution to the committee members. Please contact me at for details.
-- ONLY Life Member or above, or annual members of five or more continuous years are eligible to vote
If you are not an NRA member - join as a Life Member; if you are an NRA member - thanks - and make sure you have been a member five or more continuous years or upgrade to a Life Member. I can help - the NRA is offering significant discounts (Life from $1,500 reduced to $600)!

Please visit and share this form -

I personally appreciate your support and sharing this form with all you know that are or should be NRA Members!

*** All information is for my use to keep you updated only. Nothing will be shared or otherwise disclosed in any way! ***

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