OBOB Registration 2020-2021
Dear Parents and Students,
I am delighted that you have chosen to participate in Battle of the Books this year. This fun reading incentive program will encourage students to read a range of genres and authors in the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. It is my hope to maintain this strong Ridgewood tradition in a nontraditional way that will add familiarity and socialization to our pandemic school reality. This form will close January 27, 2020 at 11:59 pm. When battles will be held will be determined at a future date.
A reminder that more detailed information about this program went out in a previous Ridgewood Newsletter.
~Mrs. Bergin
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Student Contract
This section must be completed by the student participant. Failure to follow the guidelines of the student contract will result in disqualification.
OBOB books may be placed on hold in Destiny and picked up at Ridgewood. Students may not have more than two physical OBOB titles checked out at any time. eBook and audio book formats are also available in Sora. There is no OBOB book limit on electronic copies. The public library also has these books. *
I understand that I may not use notes or lists of any kind during battles. *
I understand that my team may not accept any help during battles. *
I understand that as an audience member I am expected to watch battles silently. I will not offer help in any way. I will stay muted and keep my video turned off. *
I understand that if a player or team doesn't show up for a battle, we will battle without them. Battles will not be rescheduled. *
Teams include four or five students. I understand that only four students may battle at a time. If my team has a fifth player, I agree that we will take turns battling in a way that feels fair to all team members. *
Students and/or teams who are not using good sportsmanship will be asked to sit out one battle. Teams or students who continue to show poor sportsmanship will no longer be allowed to participate in OBOB. *
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