Access to Schooling in South Africa
Does your child have a disability and is out of school or on a waiting list? Please complete the following form in as much detail as possible. This is a national campaign headed up by Autism South Africa, Down Syndrome South Africa and National Council of and for Person's with Disabilities. Please email for any details or further information. We need to stand together with one voice to insist our children's rights are realised.
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How far is the special school from where you live? Please state kilometres (if you don't know km's, state how long it takes to get there)
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Has the department of education been in contact with you?
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What have they said?
What else have you tried to get your child placed at a beneficial school? E.g. spoke to a social worker, department of health etc
What does your child currently do during the day?
Has your child ever been in a school? Please provide some detail.
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