Student Performer Sign Up for Drag Show 2022- Alien Superstar
Thank you for your interest in performing in this year's drag show! We are so excited to see your art, and we value our performers, regardless of experience level. As a performer, you will be an important part of making this event successful! Feel free to reach out at any time if you have questions, concerns, or need help with any part of your performance. We want everyone who is featured in the show to feel confident and comfortable onstage!

Important things to know (save this information somewhere!)
- Drag show date: Friday, December 2nd
- We review performer applications on a rolling basis*
- Performances do not need to be in drag! They can be however you want to express yourself
You will be expected to be present for a mandatory rehearsal the day of the show. If you have a class conflict, let us know as soon as possible! It will be around late afternoon / early evening.
- Unfortunately, you may not keep your tips. All tips will be donated to Nashville Cares, a local charity that serves people who are HIV+ in Middle Tennessee
- Group performances are permitted and encouraged, but you may not have more than 8 people. Plan ahead for how you will coordinate practicing together.
- You are limited to two performances. For example, you may perform in both a group and a solo number. We want to feature as many performers as possible!
- If you change your concept drastically, please reach out to Ellen or Sydney! You may need to fill out another application.
- If your performance is too similar to another accepted performance (ex: same song, exact same costume, etc.), you may be asked to make some changes. The person who submitted their application first will have priority.
- All song files must be submitted by November 15th at midnight! The file format and how to submit your file will be announced closer to that date. The format needed will likely be MP3, but it depends on what our DJ needs.
- Performances may be no longer than 5 minutes.
- There will not be any setup time for props. You must carry them on and off stage.
- No nudity.
- Performers who are judged to be intoxicated the night of the show may be removed.
- Your performance does not have to fit our theme, but it is HIGHLY encouraged! The theme is Alien Superstar,  We would prefer for performances to use songs from Beyonce's Renaissanse album, another Beyonce album, or another 70s song, dance song, disco song, or house song. 
- Keep an eye out for our "Drag at Vanderbilt" posts featuring advice from other students and alum who have experience performing drag!

---APPLICATION DEADLINE: November 1st at midnight!---

Thank you for sharing your art with us!

Contacts for questions: Ellen Habetoyas:

Sydney Stewart:
Nitya Kari:

*Rolling basis means that we will review and accept performers periodically between now and shortly after applications close. We will evaluate them based on quality measures, and only accept the performances we believe are of the highest quality. If we receive two applications of equal quality, the person who submitted sooner will be given priority. On the other hand, if we feel that the person who applied later is of higher quality, they will be given priority. However, if you are accepted, your slot is yours, given you meet all requirements. So, if all slots are filled early on, and we receive an additional application that is of higher quality than already accepted applicants, we would not be able to accept that application.
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Email *
Here is how the stage will most likely be set up. This is not a guarantee, but could be helpful for choreography planning. Purple = stage, yellow = stairs.
Is this a solo or group performance? If this is a group, please fill out one application together and answer questions as they apply to all of you. *
Name(s). If you are a group, put all names in the same order you will use to answer future questions. For example, in the next question, put the pronouns of those in your group in the same order of the names they refer to in this question. *
Vanderbilt Email Address(es) *
Phone Number(s) *
Stage Name. If you are a group performance, your stage name can reference your group as a whole, or every member of your group may have a stage name. If everyone is using individual stage names, put the stage names in the same order as the names of the people they refer to in the first question. *
Stage Pronouns
We will create a group chat for student performers for important announcements. Which of the following can you use to communicate regularly?
We will try to schedule rehearsal dates that accommodate everyone to the best of our ability. Please indicate which days of the week you predict you will have more availability and free time to attend rehearsals.
Describe your costume concept, how you plan to create/acquire it, and any support you may need in costuming. Include makeup, hair, and props, if applicable. *
Describe your choreography, staging, and audience interaction concept(s). Consider props, if applicable. In other words, what will you do onstage? *
Song / media file (At a later date, you will be given instructions to submit an appropriate file for our DJ. This will be due Novermber 15th at midnight. For now, a youtube link is good.) *
Editing your music? Here is where you can tell us about it:
Do you need help with any aspect of your performance? If so, how can we best support you? (ex: I need help with choreography, it would be nice to have a choreography workshop) *
If this is a group performance, how do you plan to coordinate planning and practicing together?  *required for groups
We want to make sure our drag show is accessible for all performers, regardless of ability. Is there anything we need to be mindful of in order to make performing in the drag show accessible for you?
Can you commit to the requirements listed in the beginning of this application? *
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