Gina Yong, Breastfeeding Consultant - Consultation Service
This service is only for WhatsApp or Facebook Private Messaging at Gina Yong, Breastfeeding Counselor PAGE :

After payment, you have to send me a WhatsApp or PM on my page. Due to facebook settings, I cannot initiate a conversation with you.

I would strongly suggest and encourage mommies to see me for a face-to-face consultation, especially if it’s regarding correct latching.
Consultation is by appointment only at either 11am or 2.30pm Mondays to Fridays
at Gina's Place in Taman Yarl ONLY.

Please send me a message to make an appointment before making payment for face-to-face consultation.

Please note that TBAN is always FREE.

Please fill in the following AFTER you have made payment to
For Malaysians:
Maybank #1126 6100 5288
and email the proof of payment to: GYONGMK@YAHOO.COM

For other countries outside Malaysia:
USD 20/week
make PAYPAL payment to :
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Please make payment to CHUAH MOOI HOOI/ YONG MEI KENG, Maybank #1126 6100 5288 and email OR make Paypal payment to
Consulting with Gina Yong, Breastfeeding Counsultant via Facebook or Whatsapp does not provide the benefits of face-to-face consultation and/or an examination of you, your baby or breastfeeding. Any recommendations for self treatment of your problem MAY BE INCORRECT due to these limitations. Gina Yong offers advice for BREASTFEEDING PROBLEMS ONLY and cannot give medical advice. You should always consult your doctor or your baby's doctor regarding medical care. If the recommendations made by Gina Yong via Facebook/Whatsapp do not help the problem or if the problem gets worse you MUST call your own doctors, medical provider and/or lactation consultant for further advice. Your questions on facebook will be answered within 24 hours, unless notice is given by Gina Yong for her temporary absence, on a time to time basis. Additional fee is charged for face-to-face consultation at Gina's Place. Gina Yong does not in any way guarantee your breastfeeding success when you engage her consultation services *
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