Soilless Farming Training
Soilless Farming is a way of growing plants without the use of soil. The idea is not to replace soil, but rather to compliment soil. The vision is to create a new generation of foodpreneurs who understand the importance of food, the role food plays and how to ensure food security via climate smart
The purpose of the project is to showcase the need for climate smart Agriculture as we push for food security, also to create an innovator in all participants such that they dare to think outside the box without financial support. The project will involve training of students on soilless farming, set up of a small farm, provision of seeds that will be grown, monitoring the growth of the crops digitally with the students and Harvest .

The Trainer ,who is he ?

Mr. Ogbole Samson is the cofounder – PS Nutraceuticals International Limited (PSN), a company with the aim of using food as a way to prevent and treat
diseases. To ensure success in this venture, PSN started the first phase by trying to ensure standard agricultural practices by introducing technology to Nigerian
agricultural space. PSN is the foremost promoter of Soilless Farming in Nigeria, with continuous research to improve automation processes and introduce
artificial intelligence into Agriculture. In the future phases, nutrigenomics shall be introduced.
Agriculture for Mr. Samson is more than just food production (zero hunger), it is the foundation for sustainable development, job creation (no poverty),
healthier living as well as national development. He believes agriculture must adopt the business mindset, technology, automation, precision, data and be
climate smart. To this end, Mr. Samson has devoted his time and resources to building modern farms exploring the latest technologies for agriculture, sharing
and training others to adopt “the modern agriculture” to ensure together we can use agriculture as a tool to build the nation we so desire. He believes “food
production should not be seasonal because hunger is not seasonal”.

Mr. Ogbole Samson is vastly read, B.Sc. Biochemistry Igbinedion. M. Sc. Biochemistry, Ibadan, Common Wealth of Nations MBA, National Open University
of Nigeria (in view), PhD Biochemistry, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (in view). Other certificates include Biotechnology from Federal
University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Introduction to Food and Nutrition from Stanford University, Introduction to population health from The University of
Manchester, Greening the Economy from Lund University Sweden, Sustainable Agriculture for year 2050 from Wageningen, Agroecology and Sustainable
Agriculture from The University of Western Australia Certification, and Public Health from University at Albany.
Mr. Samson is a two time TEDx speaker and a one-time TED speaker, he was recognized amongst the top 7 innovators in Africa in the year 2018 by CNN
Africa, He was recognized by EFCC as one of the young and legitimate innovative mind in the year 2018, His team was part of the Ogun state Investors Forum
of 2018, He was part of the Lagos Farmers’ Team who met and discussed with all gubernatorial aspirants for the 2019 elections to draw a road map for
agriculture, he was also a part of the documentary – “Swallow – food security in Nigeria’s changing climate”, and the company PSN is the owner of Nigeria’s
first Smart Farms called PSN Smart Farms – providing free accommodation, 24 hours light, 24 hours water, 24 hours internet and free food for the staff on the
farm. PSN has been featured in 64 countries till date in tabloids, blogs and visual media.
Mr. Samson Ogbole’s creativity and entrepreneurial drive has had him featured on CNN’s African Voices, Reuters TV, Channels TV and many others, featured
on every major news tabloid in Nigeria, and many more.
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