Mastery Coaching Contract – Leadership ACH or Market Center CC
This form is for Mastery Leadership Contracts paid for by the Market Center for all roles EXCLUDING PC.

For Productivity Coach Contracts, please refer to the Productivity Coach Contract Form Here:

•60 calls per year (42 one-on-one plus 18 Event Group Calls)
•8 Weekly Live Leadership Training Modules Delivered in 2020
•Monthly Live Stream Interview with Gary Keller exclusively for Mastery Clients
•1 non-transferable registration for the following events: Family Reunion, Spring Masterminds, Mega Camp / Summer Masterminds, Fall Mastermind, Regional Masterminds, MAPS Models Course, $120 discounted rate for FSO

Your next payment will be charged on the 1st of the month following the start month indicated upon signup.

Clients coaching commitment will begin the start month indicated upon signup, billed monthly. Client can choose to cancel at any time prior to their next billing date. This Agreement will automatically renew monthly unless Client provides written notification of termination to in advance of the monthly billing date (prior to the 1st of each month). Registration to any events occurring after this agreement terminates will be lost.
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