Key First Nation Comprehensive Community Planning Survey Questions
The below questions are designed to gain an understanding of the matters that affect the Key First Nation members. Answering these questions will help us know where we are now, where we want to go from here and how we can go there. To answer these questions, you may talk about any challenges concerning the services provided to you. For governance or similar admin sectors of the Key, your answers may include how the services are provided, do they meet your overall needs. It can take 10 to 15 minutes to complete the questions.
1. Please indicate your membership status *
2. Your age is
3. What is your gender identity
4. I am choosing to live and/or work in the Key First Nation area for the following reason (Please check (√) all that apply.) *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Sense of community
Rural atmosphere
Quality of life
Health services
Recreation opportunities
Quality of schools
Lower crime rate
Lower cost of living
Family and friends
Combination of all
5. How important are the following factors to the future of the Key First Nation? (Please check (√) the column that best describes your opinion.) *
Highly important
Somewhat important
Not important
Maintain rural character and control modernization
Maintain a strong connection to the other bands and Indigenous organization to attain developmental goals
Try maintaining similarities with the development of the regions
6. Rate your overall satisfaction with the quality of life in the Key First Nation?
7. Governance: Do you think any of the following government pay attention to address the challenges your community face now or will face in the future? *
Strongly agree
Highly Disagree
The key band
8. Administrative services: How satisfied are you with the QUALITY of community services in the Key First Nation?
Strongly satisfied
Strongly dissatisfied
Not applicable
Governance and leadership
Land and resources
Infrastructure and development
Social services
Cultural services
9. Which type of housing development should be encouraged in the Key First Nation? *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Single family homes
Modular multi-family homes
Single family apartments
Assisted housing
Seasonal residence
Rental housing
Private housing
Condominium/town houses
Energy efficient homes for all options (solar, multi-layer insulation. hemp walls that provide better insulation etc.)
10. Do you think Key band has a housing crisis?
11, Rate the overcrowdedness in your house as per the number of the person living in a room
12. How do you rate food security situations in your family and among the Key members? *
Strongly agree
My family is food secured
My family is moderately food secured
My family is food insecured
Key band has an overall food insecurity
13. Do you agree on the following to address food insecurity in Key Band? *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Community agriculture
Community garden
Beef cattle or similar farming
Crop farming
Plant native fruit trees
Supported hunting/gathering program
Community freezer to store foods for off seasons
14. Rate the major health problems the Key members suffer from? *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Heart diseases
Vision problems
Lung disorders
High blood pressures
Mental health issues
15. Rate the level of drug and alcohol use in the community
Less concerning
Highly concerning
16. How satisfied are you with the quality of the following services to the Key Band members? (Please check (√) the column that best describes your opinion) *
Strongly satisfied
Strongly dissatisfied
Addressing food security
Housing allocation and building codes
Education/Library service
Water supply and sewage
Police and law enforcement
Fire protection
Emergency services
Recreational facilities for all ages
Street/road maintenance
Manage lands
Health care
If you want you can suggest any measures/steps the Key Band Leaders can take to improve the services
17. What are the most pressing concerns educational system of the Key? *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
No good schools
Scarcity of books and supplies
Less science teachers
Inadequate land-based education supported by Indigenous Knowledge
Combination of all
18. Developmental Priorities: Over the next 5 years, the Key First Nation should: (Please check (√) the column that best describes your opinion) *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Focus on overall health and well-being
Enhance food security
Improve education system
Increase recreational opportunities
Attract agricultural business/service
Develop environmental quality
Protect historic structures/sites
Maintain/improve open space
Improve traffic flow outside the Village
Improve pedestrian flow in the Village
19. Which of the following statements characterize your feelings about industrial development in the Key First Nation? *
Strongly qgree
Strongly disagree
Some new light industrial development should be encouraged, providing it is environmentally sound and carefully located
Both light and heavy industrial development should be encouraged as long as it is environmentally sound and carefully located
The Key First Nation needs as much new industrial development of any kind as can be attracted
20. Indicate your preferences in allowing commercial developments in the Key FirstNation? *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Small commercial developments should be restricted and limited to the village
Larger commercial development should be concentrated outside of the village
All commercial development, regardless of size, should be allowed anywhere in the community
21. What kind of industries should be encouraged to locate in the Key First Nation area? *
Strongly agree
Fully disagree
Heavy industry
Light industry
Mines and gravels
Research and development