Voices of Youth Blogging Internship (Summer 2016)
Are you between the ages of 14 and 24?

Do you care about social, cultural, political and economic issues?

Are you interested in improving your blogging and digital media skills?

This is your chance to apply for a 3 months blogging internship with Voices of Youth - UNICEF's vibrant online youth community.

We are looking for 10-15 young people from across the world - fluent in English - who will blog at least once a week and participate in online discussions on the platform.

During the internship you will receive regular feedback on your writing, get access to tips&tricks on how to write a good blog post and exchange ideas with other blogging interns. At the end of the internship you will have improved your blogging skills, gained new insights into global development issues and been connected to a network of international young bloggers.


- You are between 14 and 24 years old.

- You are fluent in written English - it's no problem if English is not your first language, but you should be comfortable writing in English.

- You will be able to access the Internet at least once a week and are committed to regularly blog, comment and participate in debates.

- You are available to start the internship in June 2016.

Please note that this internship is done by remote participation - so you will NOT be required to travel anywhere.


To apply, please fill out the Google form below by 20 May 2016.

For questions, please write to info@voicesofyouth.org or contact us on Twitter @voicesofyouth

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