Bike Fed Representative Agreement
Thank you for your interest in becoming an official Wisconsin Bike Fed Representative (WBFR) for cycling issues in your area or for your local organization. With your help, the Wisconsin Bike Fed can become a true statewide federation of bicyclists. As a designated WBFR, you will represent the both the Wisconsin Bike Fed and your local cycling advocates on important legislative issues at the state and local levels. You will also have direct points of contact with the Wisconsin Bike Fed to request our services, classes, materials, or general information.

Purpose: To improve the geographic representation of the Wisconsin Bike Fed and become a true statewide federation of cyclists.

1.Increase influence in the state capital.
2.Improve communication between local advocacy groups, club, and teams.
3.Increase local access to Bike Fed resources such as safety materials, classes, planning expertise,

Wisconsin Bike Fed Representatives (BFRs) Responsibilities:
1.Serve as the primary point of contact with the Wisconsin Bike Fed for your group or geographic
2.Share action alerts with other local cyclists in your group and/or geographic region.
3.Contact your elected representatives about actions alerts.
4.Share information about local cycling issues with the Wisconsin Bike Fed.
5.Provide input and feedback on the Bike Fed’s annual legislative agenda each year.
6.Attend annual Wisconsin Bicycle Summit or send another representative as your proxy.
7.Provide annual count of your local organization’s members and how many of those are Bike Fed
members so they are not double counted.

Wisconsin Bike Fed Responsibilities:
1.Alert Bike Fed Representatives when it is important to contact state legislators about key bills
and budgetary items.
2.Seek input from WBFRs on annual legislative agenda.
3.Survey all WBFRs annually for counts of local members.
4.Survey all WBFRs to prioritize Wisconsin Bike Fed programing.
5.Share blog posts about local issues important to WBFRs.
6.Provide organizational support in terms of materials, advice, and annual safety classes.

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