Aiteo Undergraduate Philosophy Journal: Essay Submission Form (2018/19 Academic Year)
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Please ensure your submission:

1. Is an academic essay that has been submitted to a professor and has received an A-range grade
2. Is between 2500 and 5000 words
3. Is a philosophy paper and/or substantively approaches its content from a philosophical perspective
4. Is formatted according to Chicago Manual of Style guidelines. It is okay if your submission is in a different format at the time of submission, however you must format according to CMOS prior to publication.*
5. Is prepared for double-blind peer-review**
6. Includes a title page submitted as a separate document
7. Includes an abstract (~150-250 wds)

*For CMOS guidelines, see:

**Note that to ensure fairness, Aiteo uses a double-blind peer-review procedure during the initial review process. This means that the editor reviewing your submission for selection will not know your identity, and you as the author will not know the identity of the editor reviewing your paper. Your submission MUST be prepared for blind review or we will be unable to consider it for publication. To prepare your document for double-blind peer-review:

1. Ensure that course code, professor's name, author's name, and student number do not appear ANYWHERE in the paper itself. This includes things like a title page or header.
2. Ensure that, if used, any self-citations do not identify you as the author of the submission.
3. Finally, do not forget to remove any identifying metadata attached to the file. This is easy to do: right click the file (Windows), select properties, and delete any author or editor information that may exist in the file.

We look forward to reviewing your submission!

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