Release Blitz - Academic Integrity/Academic Dishonesty
Thank you for your interest in the release events for Academic Integrity and Academic Dishonesty by AJ Alexander and Rebecca Gallo.

Title: Academic Integrity
Release Date: Feb 6 2020
Genres: Steamy Contemporary Romance

Title: Academic Dishonesty
Release Date: Feb 20 2020
Genres: Steamy Contemporary Romance

These are both ONE DAY social media events.

Blogger kit with HTML will be provided on Feb 1 2020

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Academic Integrity (Book 1)
She was only supposed to be a summer fling, so why is the woman I thought I’d never see again barging into my classroom?

She wants a second chance but Meghan's been telling lies.

I’ll give it to her but first she needs to learn a lesson. One I’m more than happy to teach her.

So what if I’m risking my academic integrity.

She’s worth it. Especially when she’s on her knees calling me daddy.

Dear Reader: Class is in session! Julian is a sexy-as-sin professor ready to teach you a lesson. Make sure you’re on time because he doesn’t like tardiness. And you better take notes because there definitely will be a quiz. Love, AJ + Rebecca
Academic Dishonesty (Book 2)
I’ve been saving myself for the right man.
And my new math professor, Dr. Samuel Jacobs, is the one.

I don’t care about the rules we’re breaking.
I’m used to getting my way and I’ll do anything to have him.
Even call him daddy.

But after one night, I still haven’t learned my lesson.

Dear Reader:
Samuel is the perfect equation. Can you do the math?
Brains + Braun = the total package.
Will this be on the test? Definitely.
We hope you studied.
Love, AJ + Rebecca
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