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The mission at Parallax is to provide a unique perspective and analysis of the gaming industry. We want to uncover the journey of game development, the people behind it and how that process is constantly evolving. We want to engage in the community to share our thoughts and discuss the latest happenings in the gaming industry. We will do this through written reviews, opinion pieces, interviews and more.

There are no paid positions at Parallax Media yet (waiting for the Rock to send me a bag of money first). Some of our writers have gone on to obtain paying gigs after showcasing their skills here, so we like to think that we are doing some good. You will develop and learn these skills here to hone your craft:

1. Working closely with a team
2. Communicating and creating relationships with developers/studios
3. Improving your written, verbal and communications skills
4. Creating/Crafting your written/editing process

Who we are looking for:

We are searching for aspiring gaming journalists. Maybe you have not found the right place to express your interests about gaming yet. We may be that place. This is a space where you are your only motivation. Have you been following a smaller gaming studio and want to cover their progress? Or are you interested in talking about new games? You can do that here and everything in between. We want people that have the drive but need a place to showcase it.
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