2018 Connecticut PeaceJam Workshop Application
We invite you to BE A WORKSHOP PRESENTER at the PeaceJam Youth Slam on Saturday, May 5th at Breakthrough Magnet School from 10:45 - 11:45 AM and/or 1:00 - 2:00 PM. Please forward any additional questions or concerns to Windy Peterson via email (wpetersen2011@gmail.com).

This event is for students ages 12-18 and their teachers and university student mentors. Participants will interact with local leaders for peace and PeaceJammers from across the region. They will hear a keynote by Dr. Sheldon T. Watson and participate in workshops and family groups led by university mentors.

- Be interactive and include diverse viewpoints.
- Provide students with practical skills to become change makers.
- Help students learn to about the root cause of issues, which PeaceJam refers to as the 10 Global Calls to Action, in their local or global community, such as the following: (for additional information/description: www.billionacts.org/explore)
a. Breaking the cycle of violence
b. Controlling the proliferation of weapons
c. Eliminating extreme poverty
d. Ending racism and hate
e. Equal access to water and other natural resources
f. Halting the spread of global disease
g. Investing in human security
h. Restoring the earth’s environment
i. Rights for women and children, and their role as leaders
j. Social justice and human rights for all
- Be inclusive and nondiscriminatory.

Presenters must arrive for check-in at least 30 minutes before first scheduled workshops. The workshops will be an hour long.

Suggested timeline for workshops:

■ What’s So (10 min): Workshop Presenters' and Organization's background, facts, figures, trends on issues – global, US, Northeast, local
■ So What (30 min): Interactive session (could do small groups with reporting out, group activities, or any other method that gets everyone involved) - What’s the impact? What would happen if we don’t address the issues?
■ Now What (20 min): Interactive session - Questions and Discussion

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