Owning and managing land
Are you managing land or a local asset? Or have you thought about the opportunity?

Shared Assets will be working with Local Trust over the coming months to explore opportunities for Big Local areas in land and asset management.

We know there is ambition in some Big Local areas for land management to form part of the legacy and on-going sustainability of projects. We are exploring where the opportunities are, what challenges exist and what support might help accelerate some of your ideas to the next level.

To do this we are initially be carrying out research in the form of this survey and telephone interviews. This will lead to a learning and networking event at the end of November where we will show our findings, look to support network building among peers and inspire groups to think more ambitiously about the role of land projects in creating a legacy for their Big Local grants. sign up here; https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/owning-and-managing-land-tickets-38272394763

If you are able to give 10 minutes of your time to answer these questions it will really help us to build a programme that will be useful for you.

Later in the year Local Trust will be launching an open call for Big Local groups who would like a support package from Shared Assets, which will be paid for in part by the Big Local area but will be match funded by Local Trust.

If you want to ask more about the research please contact; hannah@sharedassets.org.uk

All data will be held securely within Shared Assets systems, although email addresses may be shared with Local Trust.
Any information quoted in reporting will be unidentifiable unless prior consent is obtained from the individual.

About you
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Are you happy to be followed up with a telephone interview?
Which Big Local Area are you involved in?
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How are you involved in it?
About your Big Local area
Tell us your top 3-5 ambitions for your Big Local Area (preferably as three bullet points)
Your answer
Tell us your main 3-5 achievements to date (bullet points, max 150 words)
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What type of land are you considering engaging with?
(i.e. a local park, woodland, allotment, waterway etc..)
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What type of activity are you considering? (enterprise activity if relevant)
(i.e. tourism, leisure/sport
activities, food growing,
aquaponics, conservation,
youth services, woodland
management, etc...)
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What is the current status/level of development of your land project?
(i.e. who owns the land?
have you got access to it?
what is the relationship with
the landowner?
What are the terms?
what steps have been taken?)
Please tell us the current status:
Your answer
Is there anything which has been particularly challenging or you feel held or is holding you back from reaching your ambitions regarding land?
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What do you see as the potential for this land project to add to your Big Local project/community?
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What support would you like to see on offer?
Are there any areas which you feel you have a knowledge gap, or in which support would be useful?
Your answer
What kinds of knowledge would be most useful to you
very useful
not useful
I have engaged in before
I would be happy to share knowledge on this
Community engagement
Governance structures
Business models
Previous examples of success
Other >> or any additional comments on the above
Your answer
Which of these types of support is most useful
very useful
not useful
I have engaged in before
Short course (weekend)
Short course (days spread out)
online course
Mentoring (1-1)
Learning in a group
Connecting to peers
ad-hoc expert support (contact when needed)
Other >> or any additional comments on the above
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Any other comments?
(Please also feel free to make comments on what you think of Big Local and its way of working)
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