CDSRA Member Questionnaire
What topics would you be most interested in learning more about?
What is your preference in classroom vs. field sessions?
The CDSRA uses multiple avenues for updating its members. Which method(s) do you primarily use to stay up-to-date with news and events?
Is there anything you would like the CDSRA to do that it currently is not?
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Video Analysis Program
The CDSRA is considering launching a Video Analysis Program (VAP). The VAP allows referees within the CDSRA to have their game recorded by a volunteer within the organization. The video would then be provided to the official so that they may review their game and performance.

The video footage collected may be used by the CDSRA for training purposes within the Integrated Referee Training (IRT) classroom sessions.

How likely would you be to use the video analysis program if it were to become available?
Not likely at all
Very likely
Any other comments?
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