Emergency Aid Fund Grant Request
for Durham Friends Meeting, Durham, NC
Grant Request Process
Thank you for using this form to request a grant from the Emergency Aid Fund. The information from this form will go to members of the Durham Friends Meeting Care & Support Committee. We will review the information within 2 days and get back to you by phone or in person. If a 2 day wait is a hardship and you need a faster response, please indicate that in question 5.
1. Your Name *
2. Contact Info: (Address, Phone, and Email) *
3. What is the assistance for? *
4. How much money do you need? *
5. How urgent is your need? After what date will your situation get worse if the money is not provided? *
6 What form of payment would you prefer (e.g., a check to a third party, electronic transfer to a bank account, cash, debit card, etc.) *
7. Are there other ways the Durham Friends Meeting can assist to help with this crisis? (e.g., transportation, meals, support group, etc.) *
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