Face Shield Kit Confirmation
Thank you for volunteering to construct face shields with The CommonHealth Project!

Please confirm that you have obtained a face shield kit by filling out the following information for EACH kit you receive.

If the number range on the outside of the kit does not match the serial number inside, please rewrite it correctly.
Name *
County *
Serial number range of kit *
What serial numbers does your kit contain? E.g. 4465-4474
Do the shield serial numbers in the kit match the serial number range written in Sharpie on the kit? *
How many shields does your kit contain?
If the serial numbers in the kit DO NOT match the recorded serial number range on the kit, please indicate the correct serial numbers here. Otherwise, state "N/A". *
If the serial numbers DO NOT match - relabel the kit in Sharpie with the correct numbers.
Please read and confirm the statement below. *
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