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Volunteers.Covihelp is a youth-run organization helping people reach resources when they need them.
We are organizing the Covihelp Fundraiser MUN on 17th and 18th of July as an extension of our operations.

Following are the committees and their agendas as well as their base registration fees (we will contact you regarding payment after you have filled the form)-

1. General Assembly - Measures to eliminate international terrorism. (Rs. 250)

2. AIPPM -  Discussing the extent of limitations on free speech with special emphasis on social media. (Rs. 250)

3. RAW Emergency War Room (Continuous Crisis Night Committee)(Starts on the night of 17th July 2021 and goes on till early morning 18th July 2021)(9 PM to 2 AM) (Rs. 250)

4. Marvel vs DC - Legalization of superheroes. (On Sunday, 18th July 2021)(Rs. 250)

5. Brooklyn99 -  (Classified) The fate of your loved ones is in your hands. (On Sunday, 18th July 2021)(Rs. 250)

6. United Nations Office on Outer Space Affairs (Space Application Section) - Potential Risks posed to Human Survival by Near Earth Objects along with emphasis on collision of Satellites which can potentially cause catastrophe in the Earth's Orbit (especially Low Earth Orbit). This committee is in collaboration with LEAP and Futuristic Photons. (Rs. 150)

(Registration fee to be paid after allotment, Volunteers.Covihelp will contact you via WhatsApp with the details as soon as possible for the same)

Contact us at :


Since we are organising the MUN to raise funds for Sana, you can always donate irrespective of participating in the MUN. Every donation would count. Please contact the number given above to donate.

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