2019 Volunteering Survey
Jewish Federation of Northwest Indiana

The goal of this survey is twofold: to identify those within our community who can offer their time and skills; and those who can benefit from those skills. Help us pair you up with someone who has what you need!
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Community Volunteering
We foresee opportunities at all levels of commitment, from long-term gigs to short and infrequent. Please note how often you would be able to OFFER or USE each kind of assistance.
Please check all that apply:
I could PROVIDE this help
I could USE this help
Once in a while
Driving errands (shopping, appointments)
Hosting/being hosted for a meal
Cooking and delivering a meal
Hospital/rehab center visits
Home visits for seniors/shut-ins
Tutoring (please specify subjects in the Comments field below)
Household help, indoor (e.g., change lightbulbs)
Household help, outdoor (e.g., shoveling)
Computer/smartphone help
Other suggestions we haven't listed? (specify in the Comments below)
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Federation Volunteering
Complete this section if you would be interested in volunteering in the Federation office.
I could help out at Federation....
I would like to help out with...
Additional notes/comments
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