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Please read and complete the following form prior to receiving your color correction service.
Color Correction can mean many things. And we have all seen some interesting color out there. To understand what we consider Color Correction, we have put together a list of “experiences” we have encountered. Take note, we may need to add your case scenario to our list.
-A change of tone is desired. (red to blonde, or blonde to brown, or brown to etc.)
-When any color needs to be removed. (Home color, another product, dark pigment, red pigment, etc.)
-A change of level is desired (Levels lighter)
-Two or more levels and shades are apparent on the hair shaft
-You have worked on your color at home!

It is important for you to share all of your information on what has been done to your hair, even if it was two years ago (depending on how long your hair is). Believe it or not, medications, swimming, hennas, temporary colors, and vitamin supplements, can have an impact on your hair color’s final result. Your time is valuable and correcting hair color can vary between 3 to 8 hours. We will work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please understand that sometimes, a correction may take more than one visit.

Color naturally fades, and you will experience some fading after your service. This is normal. It is important we keep the condition of your hair “great”. Aveda has professional products that minimize fading and keep your hair in the best possible condition. We will be prescribing a selection of these products for you to use at home to keep your hair and hair color at its best.

Now just relax and enjoy your experience. If there is something you want to know more about, please ask. We love talking about what we do.
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