NE Voices Assistant Competition Producer Application
NE Voices is looking for an Assistant Producer for Friday night's scholastic competition. This is a volunteer position that would partner with the Producer, assisting them with virtual planning, communication, and prep with NE Voices team + competing groups as well as day of help with logistics and on-site prep of the competition.

We are looking for an organized, enthusiastic, and helpful person that's willing to work a couple of hours a week 8-12 weeks out, have more communication and logistical planning and collaboration 1-2 weeks out, as the competition approaches, and be available the day of the competition.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Emails to judges and competing groups, creating judging sheets, assisting backstage during the competition, timing soundchecks, helping with tabulation, preparing certificates for special awards and competition winners, and handing out score sheets after the competition.

Please apply by July 31, 2019!

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