Strategic Planning Survey 2019
The Columbia Gorge STEM Hub is a collective impact organization serving Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Wheeler, and Gilliam counties. It's one of 13 STEM Hubs across Oregon, focused on expanding STEM access for learners in Pre-K to college. Our Hub has existed for about 3 years, with community-facing efforts going for 2 years. We have focused on three areas: supporting teachers, student programs, and regional collaboration. We are funded on a biennium basis through the legislature. We also seek additional grants and sponsorships. That funding level supports two part-time employees and a limited amount of programming. Key projects so far include: STEM Nights at Elementary Schools, Gorge STEM Fair, communications about STEM, and partner collaborations. Info at:
First & Last Name (please provide if comfortable doing so)
School District or City *
ABOUT YOU: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your role, and how you are involved with the Columbia Gorge STEM Hub.
OFFERING: The STEM Hub's mission is to expand access to science, technology, engineering, and math for all students in the Gorge. How can the STEM Hub best support YOUR interests in STEM?
CRITICAL NEED? What critical needs to do you envision the STEM Hub addressing moving forward?
STRENGTHS: From your perspective, what does the STEM Hub do particularly well?
WEAKNESSES: What are the organization's greatest challenges or areas for improvement?
OPPORTUNITIES & THREATS: What external trends, risks, policies, or other forces beyond the Hub's control should we have in mind as we plan for the organization's future?
SUSTAINABILITY: The STEM Hub has to date been supported through a statewide grant, but this funding isn't guaranteed. How should it be funded in the long-term? *
MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: What is the one big idea that you want us to hear?
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