MOOC on CoE Youth Work Recommendation
Session 5 "Recommendation 3" by Diana Yeghiazaryan
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An access need is something a person needs to communicate, learn, and take part in an activity. Many people have access needs. Equality of access in youth work means that different access needs are taken into consideration so that young people can take part in youth work in an equal way. Pacific alliance
Flexibility refers to the ability to change or be changed easily according to the situation. Cambridge dictionary
Social inclusion is the process of individual's self-realization within a society, acceptance and recognition of one's potential by social institutions, integration (through study, employment, volunteer work or other forms of participation) in the web of social relations in a community. It has a particular meaning to those young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and for them social inclusion involves breaking various barriers before acquiring their social rights as full members of society. Siyka Kovacheva, Policy topics: Social Inclusion, Youth Partnership Secretariat
A rights-based approach to youth policy urges policymakers to work towards the long-term fulfilment of youth rights, including the right to participate in defining those rights, and empowers young people by defining them as rights-holders. Youth policy recognizes young people not as beneficiaries, but as participating rights bearers. 8 Standards for Quality Youth Policy, European Youth Forum
Learner-centredness has many assertions and consequences, including the openness from the side of the facilitator to adjust the content and level of the work to the participants' realities, something which … we labelled "start from where people are". Compass – HRE Manual
Young people take part in making decisions about what and how they are going to learn…. let young people decide when, how and what topics they wish to work on. Compass – HRE Manual
Centred on young people
Openness and flexibility
Equality of access
Voluntary and active participation
Rights based
From the mentioned in the Recommendation principles, what principle and value in youth work you use in your Youth Work setting, why that one/ones, why it is important? *
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Do the Diagram exercise on measures of Youth Work Recommendation. Take time to reflect on each measure, then print and complete on diagram. Scan the diagram and upload here together with your analytical paragraph on - what measure never happen or happen a lot, - what are important or not so, - where do your state need an improvement, - for which measures youth workers should advocate for? Please, upload the scan and your paragraph to your drive and share the link here ⬇️. *
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