Deanery Festival 2019 Feedback
Your comments - however brief - will greatly help us to improve the organisation of this event in the future.
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Advance publicity about the Conference & Festival - timing, quality etc.
The process of applying to come - online/hard copy: easy/difficult?
High Leigh and its facilities - location, accommodation, food, bar etc.
The programme - talks, workshops, services/prayers, free time, bookshop, party etc.
The children's/youngster's programmes - what did they think?
What might be a possible theme for this event next year?
What did you especially like?
Was there anything that you particularly didn't like?
Any other comments?
Please enter here your name and email address if you need a reply, or wish to make yourself known. Also, this is the place for any other thoughts that might not have been triggered by the previous questions.
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