Pre-Order Reservation
No financial information is required. Your early reservation allows you to lock in at our low introduction pricing, and allows Sisters of Invention to demonstrate future demand levels in order to secure a manufacturing relationship and the resources to bring this life-saving technology to your pets. All dates and prices are estimates only. When the product does become available you will be among the first to be notified, and will have the opportunity to purchase at that time. Your reservation will help make the HALO Pet Safety System a reality.
Estimated Shipping Date: TBD
You will be notified via email when the product becomes available.
Estimated Price: $69
Upon your approval. Estimate does not include shipping or sales tax, if applicable.
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Number of sets to reserve @ $69 *
Each system includes one collar sensor, one transmitter and one key pod.
Number of additional key pods to reserve @ $24.95
You should reserve a key pod for each driver that will be transporting your pet.
Number of additional collar sensors to reserve @ $25.99
You will need a collar sensor for each pet. Key fobs can be programmed to work with multiple sensors.
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