The WAC-GO Cross-Institutional Mentoring Project: Participant Survey
Because many graduate students interested in WAC do not have access to mentoring relationships or WAC coursework at their institutions, the Cross-Institutional Mentoring Project pairs graduate students interested in WAC/WID work with faculty mentors at a different institution. Participants in the program define and develop their mentoring relationship by setting their own goals, expectations, and activities over the academic year. Participants are also encouraged to commit no more than 6 hours per semester on the mentoring project.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee in this project, simply fill out this brief, 8-minute survey by August 24, 2020. We will use these survey results to best match mentors and mentees based on shared interests and goals.

Email with any questions you may have!
Are you interested in serving as a mentor or a mentee?
Clear selection
How did you originally become interested in WAC/WID work?
In what ways are you currently involved in WAC/WID work?
Why are you interested in becoming a mentor or mentee for the Cross-Institutional Mentoring Project?
What kind of mentorship would you be most interested in offering or receiving in this program?
Very interested
Somewhat interested
Not interested
Developing Scholarship, i.e. writing for WAC/WID audiences, designing WAC/WID studies and methods, etc.
Learning Administration, i.e. understanding daily WAC operations, troubleshooting problems, cultivating stakeholders across the university, etc.
Understanding Career Paths, i.e. learning about jobs in WAC, preparing for the job market, etc.
Clear selection
What would you most hope to accomplish in a WAC/WID-focused mentoring relationship?
What activities would you be interested in doing with your cross-institutional partner? (Check all that apply.)
Any other info that would help us pair you with a mentor or mentee?
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