Triad Buying Co-op: Application for Membership
Triad Buying Co-op is not only about buying great food at great prices. We support sustainable local agriculture and organic growers whenever possible. We are a diverse, tolerant community that works together for common good. By submitting this application, you are requesting entry into the Co-op.
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Training Shifts
You must be available to work for a three hour block for the first three cycles (months) you are a member. Please check all shifts you are available to train.
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Skills and Experience
Once you have trained for three cycles, you will be given a job assignment that is best suited to your skills and schedule, as well as what is needed in the co-op.
Job Placement
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Agreement *
I understand that prior to joining the co-op I must pay a $40 non-refundable new member fee. I also understand that I must pay a refundable $50 deposit, which will be returned should I leave the co-op. I understand that prices generally reflect the actual cost of goods sold plus a 5% "bump" and sales tax and that specific details about pricing and fees will be available during the application process. I am aware that TBC charges annual membership dues (currently $35, charged in January to all members of record on January 1st) and reserves the right to change the co-op “bump” fee. I understand that I must work between three and four hours a month (non-working memberships are available in limited quantity at a 12% bump rate) and that it is important for me to show up on time for my job each and every month. I understand that I may not bring children when I work my shift at the co-op. I understand that by joining TBC I become an owner/investor/shareholder of the co-op and my work requirement is what allows me to get local, organic and great food at a lower cost.
Thank you for your interest in TBC!
You will receive a response from TBC within one week of your application. If you have questions about this application please e-mail
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