Application Form Mastermind
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1. What is your full name & phone number?
2. What industry are you in and what do you or your business do?
3. Are you a driven person who will see challenges through to the end and not easily give up?
4. Are you willing to commit an appropriate amount of time to learning and growing your business/skills/etc.?
5. Are you willing to fly to my office (or location of choice) and spend a day or two days fully committed with me? (Or online fully committed)
6. What is your #1 goal for attending an event like this?
7. What is the #1 challenge you are facing in your life/business?
8. What was your business revenue in the last 12 months?
9. What would you like your revenue to be for the next 12 months?
10. Do you believe in yourself and believe you can accomplish your dreams?
11. What is your #1 desire for the next 12 months?
12. Would you be willing to share with the group?
13. How can we best serve your desire?
14. What are you most proud of/most excited about in your life right now?
15. What are the major stressers or challenges you are dealing with right now?
17. When do you feel like you’re being most successful and what is it that makes you feel that way?
16. What is the biggest benefit you see resulting in being a member of this group?
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