Pride Film Fest - Volunteer Screener Application

At Pride Film Fest, our dedicated team of international volunteers serves as screeners. Their role involves assessing films obtained through filmmaker and distributor submissions, as well as direct entries. We maintain a strong commitment to achieving gender balance among writers and directors while actively seeking out vibrant and impactful queer narratives and characters.

Films include shorts and feature, narratives and documentaries.

As a volunteer, you have the flexibility to select when and how many films you'd like to watch. Each film comes with an easy-to-complete judging form, allowing you to summarize your reaction, which typically takes about ten minutes to fill out and submit. Rest assured that your identity remains confidential, and filmmakers do not have access to your comments.

Stay tuned for updates via email, and if all goes well, you'll soon be able to start your journey of viewing and evaluating films.

Warm regards, 

David Zak Director, Pride Film Fest"

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