{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Podcast Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest on my interview podcast.

My goal is to record a fun and interesting conversation that inspire, motivate and encourage but also provide tips and strategies for our listeners to create their dream life.

Here are few things you should know before you apply:
About the Podcast
We empower (mostly women) entrepreneurs who are building their dream life and biz and are looking for inspiration and practical simple tips. We interview experts, coaches, teachers, authors... around topics related to creating dream life - from personal development, relationships, family, business, money, mindset to health, fitness, fun and anything in between.

Podcasts go live every Tuesday at 1pm EST/6pm UK.

You can watch/listen them on my Facebook page, on my personal page, my Youtube channel, on my website, iTunes and other podcasting platforms.

Typically the interviews are around 30 minutes long, where you share your expertise, knowledge and your story, and are also given the opportunity to promote your program/course and offer free gift to listeners.

We record in advance via Zoom (video + audio), usually in the first week of the month for the following month.

Before the recording we will send you email with all the details and what we need from you (bio, photo etc...) to publish and promote the podcast.
- You are happy to share your knowledge, experience, expertise, wisdom and value with our audience.

- You are comfortable speaking in front of camera.

- You have an online presence (ideally your own website)

* I love and encourage all network marketers, but apply only if you can give a value that is not strictly limited to your products or service.
Full Name *
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What is your business/mission/story about?
Can you tell me a little bit about you? (Fun facts, your background, challenges, achievements... anything you would be happy to share)
What would you like to talk about in the podcast?
Suggest 5 to 7 questions or story ideas related to your topic
 (We might not get through them all but this helps me get an idea for how to highlight your brilliance)
Will you be happy to promote your episode to your lists and over your social media platforms?
Clear selection
Anything else you would like me to know before our chat?
Thank you!
I'm looking forward to interview you on my podcast.

After we receive you application, we'll get in touch with you to schedule the recording.

To your dreams,

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