BBYO Portland Financial Aid Application
Dear BBYO family,

We are pleased that your teen is interested in attending a BBYO event and B'nai B'rith Camp will make every effort to award scholarship to those members who demonstrate need. In order to qualify for a scholarship, you must be a BBYO member in a Portland chapter of the Evergreen Region. Financial aid is determined as applications are submitted on the basis of need, timely submission of this application and availability of funds. Funds will come directly from B'nai B'rith Camp in the form of a reimbursement check.

REGISTER YOUR TEEN FOR THE EVENT BEFORE SUBMITTING THIS APPLICATION. Take advantage of the Early Bird registration pricing. Our Financial Aid will be a reimbursement after registration is paid for and Early Bird Discounts cannot be added in after the deadline. Also, be aware of the cancellation deadlines for each event and apply for aid well in advance of the deadline to receive a refund of any payment if needed.

To be considered for financial assistance for your teen(s) event(s), the following items are REQUIRED:
• Please complete all of the following application – any item that does not apply should be marked N/A.

• Parent(s) or responsible guardian(s) must digitally sign at the end of the application. Your signature certifies that all information recorded is correct.

Other items to note:
• Parents who are sharing the payment of fees are required to submit complete financial information on all households (use separate application forms, if necessary). If only one parent is responsible for payment of registration fees then complete household information is required of that parent only.

• Determination of aid is solely the responsibility of the B'nai B'rith Camp Financial Aid Committee. All submitted information and all financial aid decisions will be kept strictly confidential.

• If there is anything else you would like the Financial Aid Committee to know or take into consideration that does not fit within the form provided, feel free to submit additional information directly to Alllison Kaufman, B’nai B’rith Camp Operations Director, at 9400 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy., #200, Beaverton, OR 97005, Fax-503-452-0750 or email to

Award determinations are made as applications are submitted and funds are limited.

• We will inform you, via e-mail, of the Financial Assistance Committee’s decision within 14 days of receipt of your complete application.
• At that time you will have 14 days to accept or decline the award.
• If you do not respond within the given 14 days, your award will be returned to the pool of funds. You may request for your application to be reviewed again.

Please do not hesitate to contact Allison at 503-535-3514 or if you have any questions.


Michelle Koplan Bette Amir-Brownstein Allison Kaufman
BB Camp Executive Director Portland BBYO City Director Camp Operations Director
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If there are any significant family circumstances that should be considered by in awarding financial assistance please explain below (i.e. Prolonged Unemployment, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Illness, disability or accident)
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The Parent signing below, certifies that the information recorded on this financial aid application is true. We (parent and participant) agree that Participant will register and attend the named BBYO Event/Program. If Participant receives financial aid, and is unable to attend or cancels from the event, the financial aid is to be returned to B’nai B’rith Camp. The participant also agrees to write and submit a short reflection (~2 paragraphs) about their experience at the event/program to B’nai B’rith Camp upon request. *
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