Dachshund World Auctions Registration - DWA
TO ALL MEMBERS: In order to participate in the auction WE MUST HAVE YOUR EMAIL TO SEND INVOICES AND MAILING ADDRESS. Please use this form to register your email addresses and phone number, and mailing address. IF YOU HAVE been participating and received items, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RE-REGISTER. We have your information on file.

If you are not sure you are registered, go ahead and re-register and we will handle the update or remove duplication's.

To All NEW MEMBERS who have not won an item, and have not provided your email and mailing address, YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER..

Our auctions are held on an as-needed basis and we often will assist other rescue organizations.

ALL MEMBERS WHO WIN AN ITEM MUST BE REGISTERED on the form below so we can send your invoice via email and ship items to your address.

As a MEMBER YOU MAY ADD NEW MEMBERS BY INVITING THEM TO JOIN YOUR SUPPORT IS VERY IMPORTANT as it helps Dachshund World Charities continue to provide medical financial assistance for pets in need.

For more information contact us by email at help@dwcharities.com. Your info will not be shared or used for any other purpose than dealings with Dachshund World Charities.

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