CPW-UAW Local 4100 Working Groups Form
Please indicate on this form whether you would be interested in participating in any of the following working groups on various electoral and employer-focused issue and policy areas. If there is sufficient interest, we may seek to form national working groups on these topics along with colleagues from other academic worker local unions across the country.
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Anti-Bullying Working Group
In our first contract we won the right to a university-wide committee to make recommendations for a university policy against power-based harassment, or bullying. You can see the finals recomendations and next steps here: https://columbiapostdocunion.org/anti-bullying-policy-recommendations-to-the-university/

We know winning real protections will require a strong campaign to move the administration to accept these recommendations. This working group will focus on how to mobilize our co-workers and other groups to win a strong anti-bullying policy.
Anti-Racism, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (ARDIEA) Working Group
This working group will focus on developing ways in which we, as Postdocs and ARS, can work through our union to make academia a more diverse, equitable and supportive environment for black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) and other underrepresented minorities. It is also a focus of this group to increase diversity not only from a racial perspective by centering gender disparities and fighting ableism in our workplace.
Parents Working Group
This working group is focused on how to provide more support for parents at Columbia through our union in order to make Columbia a more equitable, inclusive, and family-friendly institution. Since October we have been campaigning for an extension to the Emergency Childcare Benefit Columbia provided in the July and August 2020. Non-parents are welcome!
International Researchers Working Group
This working group will focus on enhancing the rights of international researchers at Columbia through our union, including campaigning for greater support from the university and more broadly for legislative reforms that benefit immigrants and visa-holders.
Compensation Working Group
This working group will focus on discussing fair compensation guidelines for our bargaining committee to propose on our next contract. We will analyze standards in other universities, cost of living adjustments and inequalities among postdocs and ARSs at Columbia. 
Fellows Working Group
This working group will focus on the difficulties and inequalities faced by Postdoctoral Research Fellows at Columbia and help the bargaining committee come up with contract language proposals that continue to bring equity to Fellows.
Intellectual Property/Authorship Working Group
This working group will discuss ways to improve the current Intellectual Property policy of Columbia in a way that protects the interests of Postdocs and Associate researchers.
Community Action Program Working Group
This working group will support the Executive Board in making political endorsements and issue-based campaigns through the UAW-NY Community Action Program, allowing  our Local to advocate for policies that benefit our members, such as enhanced research and STEM funding, immigration reform, and civil rights reform.
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