Permission Form- Consent of Live Virtual Session Privacy Policy
This form is for parents to grant permission for a scholar(s) enrolled in Horizon Science Academy Toledo (HSAT) to participate in home learning using Zoom, Google Meets, etc...

Zoom and Google Meets is a cloud based method of video and audio conferencing allowing our teachers and students to connect in a live setting. In an effort to do our due diligence in providing a safe learning environment, parents interested in allowing their child to use Zoom/Google Meets for school sponsored video and audio conferencing with their teachers and/or classmates, must acknowledge the privacy policies of these programs. HSAT asks you to complete the consent form below authorizing your student to participate in school sponsored Zoom/Google Meets meetings.

I authorize my child to participate in school sponsored live meetings for the purpose of instructional content and community building.

I understand that the parent is responsible for the home learning environment. This includes ensuring that the student is properly supervised and that the home learning environment is conducive to learning.

I understand that all live Zoom/Google Meets meetings are to be treated as a classroom setting. Students are expected to follow all school-wide behavior policies.

I understand that students must be dressed modestly and appropriately to participate in a live video session.

I understand that students should try their best to attend all live sessions. These meetings will be recorded and uploaded to the appropriate platform to view at later times.
Please provide the full name (first & last) of the parent/guardian completing and submitting this form: *
By clicking "agree" below, I am stating I have read the Live Virtual Session Privacy Policy as well as the school’s expectations for participating in Zoom/Google Meets meetings outlined above.* *
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Student #2 First & Last Name, Grade (i.e., Jared Jaguar, 5th)
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