DJ P5 @ FB2017
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What gear are you planning on bringing/using?
You should come with all cables required to connect your gear to standard female RCA ports on our mixer.
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What genre(s) are you thinking about playing? *
Not going to hold anyone to their answer, just trying to make a general game plan. If you want to do specific sets (ie one classical music and one vaporwave set) indicate below.
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Requests for when/how long you are playing? *
Looking to gauge interest and what time of day you have a preference for. Any specific requests or times to avoid (volunteer shifts, birthday parties, etc)
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Show what you sound like (30 minute mix)
It's hard to figure out a schedule for an event like frostburn, particularly when you have a mixed group of DJs who do not all know each other, so a strong preference will be given to DJs who submit a mix to give us an idea of what you are up to(DJ Grandma is the only person exempt from this). It does not need to be what you are playing on the tundra, it just needs to be you in the mix. Soundcloud/mixcloud/dropbox etc.
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