Free To Learn Application
We are currently enrolling for 2017-18.
STEP 1: Research!
We are not a typical learning experience! FTL is and Agile Learning Community committed to trusting children to direct their own education. Explore the FTL ALC education model on our website, and the comprehensive FAQ page on the ALC Network site. Learn from some of the videos, books, and articles that have inspired this approach to learning and community.
STEP 2: Review our membership fees. We currently offer 2 days per week for a cost of $3,500/year. It is our intention to increase our days offered to 4 days per week and introduce a sliding scale during 2017-18. If you cannot pay full tuition, scholarships may be available based on our collaborative, trust based policy.
STEP 3: Apply and Attend a Parent Interest Night. There is a $25 application fee.
RSVP to a Parent Interest Night to learn more about FTL and have your questions answered. You may (in fact we encourage you to) attend a Parent Interest Night BEFORE applying.
STEP 4: Visiting Week(s)
The following visiting weeks have bee scheduled to support new enrollments for 2017-18:
September 12 & 13
September 19 & 20
September 26 & 27
The visiting week allows the student to experience what it is like to be a FTL member and allows everyone to determine if FTL is a good fit. Visiting week preferences can be chosen in the membership application.
STEP 5: Final Membership
After the visiting week membership will either be offered, or it will be communicated that FTL cannot serve the applicant at this time.
When membership is offered, we will ask for a 20% deposit of your annual membership agreement. Membership will be officially confirmed when the membership agreement is signed, all other membership forms are submitted, and the deposit has been paid.
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The Basics
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If accepted, will you participate every 2nd Thursday evening in FTL Assemblies for Intentional Culture Creation? *
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Student Questionnaire
These questions are to be answered by the student. (It's fine for the parent to type or enter the information for younger students, but the answers should come from them.)
FTL is an environment where students of every age are free to direct their own learning and activities, yet this freedom comes with responsibilities. I understand that I am expected to: 1) Treat others with respect (whether student, volunteer, staff or parent), 2) Behave appropriately for a shared space such that I don't interfere or disrupt others learning activities, 3) Participate in making, honoring and enforcing rules and structures of the community, and 4) Help solve conflicts when they arise. *
Please describe what you've liked or disliked about your past schooling.
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What are your main priorities for your own learning and education?
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What would make you a good student for FTL?
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Parent Questionnaire
I understand that FTL provides a real-world learning environment for students to develop self-direction, self-motivation and self-knowledge and as such never requires students to attend specific classes or produce specific work. The community will support student's requests for learning, but does not direct learning activities according to any curriculum. The Assembly may make certain activities mandatory for the smooth operation of the community. Currently these are: morning meetings, end of day meetings and clean-up. Beyond these, the choices are up to each child.
FTL Philosophy Agreement *
Tell us about your child. Personality? Challenges? Interests?
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How does your child handle themselves when they are triggered or upset? What kind of conflict resolution skills or practices have you and your child utilized at home?
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Why do you think FTL will be a good fit for your child's learning needs?
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Describe your child's prior schooling. Please include names/dates/schools attended/reason for leaving.
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Financial Aid - Current membership dues for 2 days per week is $3,500 per year. Financial assistance may be available in the form of tuition adjustments. *
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