Monster Mash 2020 Waiting List
As I think many of you are aware by now, a Waiting List is the best method I currently have to make sure that I can get as many people as possible the order they want and in a reasonable time frame. For Monster Mash, however; your name on the List does not guarantee you will be able to place an order (this is relevant for those at the "end" and not meant to scare you, just for you to understand that as this is a Limited Edition event, I may not be able to get to everyone before I run out--but I'm gonna try!)

There are several disclaimers you need to remember when joining this list.
You can also find more information here:

By joining this list I assume that you have read everything provided.
This form will be emailed to you upon completion so that you can re-read it, have it in your records, or read it for the first time... I know some of you are going to rush through this to get on as fast as possible lol.

Luvmilk only ships in the United States and Canada, please do not join this list if you are International.
This Waiting List will close on October 14th at 3PM EST or sooner at my discretion.

1. Monster Mash Monsters ARE limited edition. Due to the TAT from suppliers, I will not be restocking my blends once I run out. It IS possible that you will not be able to get the Monster date that you want especially if you are toward the end of the list.

2. The Supply Chain is still disrupted, especially with this being a busy holiday season. While I'll be doing my best to swiftly move through the list, it is possible that certain orders may become delayed if I have to replenish stock on packaging (I will always make note of this when speaking to you once it's your turn).

3. Again due to the Supply Chain being what it is, packaging may not be what you are used to if you are a long time Luvmilk customer. By joining this list you recognize that you may get some odd colours or shapes of your containers as I work with what I can get. You also understand that I may have to substitute certain containers or lids depending upon what I have on hand.

4. Price and Scent information can be found below in this form, once you submit your form you will receive a "receipt" copy sent to the email you enter, this will allow you to look up the scents and prices of products at any time. Please hang on to your "receipt" so that you can plan for your order.

5. You will be asked to enter a "code name" for yourself on this form. That is because I will be hosting the Waiting List of these "code names" VISIBLY on my website. Please do not enter any information into the "code name" section that you wouldn't be comfortable with others seeing. This is another reason you will want to hang on to your "receipt" so that you don't forget what your "code name" was! You will be able to find the list of everyone in line here

6. Like my previous Waiting List, I intend to only contact five (5) people at a time. This is to help keep my mental and physical health in good shape as it was suffering before I put in this new ordering method. I may be able to get through more people some days but there is no guarantee. I will do this every single day, including weekends, so please keep an eye on your email inbox as well as spam box to make sure you don't miss your turn.

7. If you do not respond to my contacting you within 24 hours you will forfeit your spot so PLEASE make sure you're keeping an eye on things. I would like to run this as smoothly as possible and quickly too. For more information please read the FAQ found here:

8. Once you are contacted for your turn I will give you further instructions on how to order. Once your order is placed my intention is to finish the order the same or following day. I mark orders as "shipped" when they are completed, packed, and have a label on the box. Sometimes they will ship that same day if mail hasn't picked up yet, otherwise they will ship the next business day. I never print labels ahead of time unless discussed with you first! (Recently my local post office has not been receiving my scheduled pickup requests so there may be some delays in shipping but hopefully only by an extra day or two.)

9. Please do not put your name on the list more than once UNLESS you have received a shipping notification for your order. Any duplicate entries onto the Waiting List will be immediately removed. I will be keeping track and I will be keeping a close eye on things so please don't try to "slip by". I'd truly prefer if you waited until you received your order so you know you even want more before coming back on to the Waiting List but the rule is only once you've received your shipping notification.

10. Finally there IS a limit on how many products you can purchase. This is to help ensure as many people as possible get a chance to go to the Monster Mash instead of only a few. While it's understandable to want to grab a lot of things because of them being Limited Edition and because I am not open "normally" very often, it is my intention to get these goodies to as many people as possible. I appreciate your cooperation with this. Anyone who purchases more than the limit allows will have any "extras" refunded and cancelled without contact so PLEASE make sure you review your orders carefully or ask any questions when it is your turn if you aren't sure. Again more information about these limitations can be found in the FAQ here: but I will also reiterate them to you when it is your turn to order.

Thank you!

When entering your email address below, this is the email address the response receipt will be sent to. Please double check to make sure everything is entered correctly.
Email address *
What is your Code Name? (Remember that this will be visible to everyone, please do not include any identifying information that you would be uncomfortable with) Try to make this unique so that you don't have to worry about any confusion if someone else picks the same or similar name. (You can find the line here *
How would you like me to address you when I contact you? (First and last name or nickname) *
Confirm the email address you'd like me to reach you at when it is your turn (please double check that everything is spelled correctly). I reach out from 9AM to 3PM EST EVERY DAY of the week, including weekends. *
Are you a Patron to my Patreon? I will be checking this so do not lie about it. *
Final Disclaimer
By joining the Waiting List you agree to and are aware of the fact that Covid-19 may affect TAT (which is currently not guaranteed). You also understand that it may take several weeks for it to be your turn. Alongside this you agree that you are okay with some packaging not being what it normally is due to shortages and difficulty with suppliers (this may mean Bottles or Jars in different colours, non-dispensing caps on things like Bubble Washes, or Sprayers that are not as 'Fine Mist' as you're used to). You agree and accept that if you go over the clearly laid out product limitations that the extras in your order will be cancelled and refunded without contacting you first. You also accept the possibility that depending upon your position on the Waiting List, you may not get a chance at the Monster you were hoping for OR you may not get a turn at all should everything run out. You acknowledge that putting your name on the Waiting List multiple times without having received a shipping notification first will result in any/all duplicates of your name being removed. Finally, you understand that there will be a limit imposed on all products because of these shortages and to give a greater chance to everyone to participate in the Monster Mash and that ONLY Monster Mash scents are available at this time.
By clicking this check box you agree to the above. *
Monster Mash Scent List For Your Convenience
Returning Monsters
Ghost: Green apple, allspice, brown sugar, and a pinch of cinnamon.
Kraken: Salty sea air, green seaweed, and ozone.
Werewolf: Soft amber covered ferns, cedar, and pine trees crawling with moss.

New Monsters
Gumiho: Rolled oats, orange syrup, and patchouli.
Mothman: Chocolate covered rice puffs.
Oni: Smoky, crackling pine in a fireplace.

For those of you new to the Mash, each Monster MUST have the Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or Lover add-on. You are unable to purchase the "base" Monster scent alone. These add-ons are as follows.

Boyfriend: Tanned leather.
Girlfriend: Sweet marshmallow.
Lover: Tanned leather and sweet marshmallow.

*There are other Monsters exclusive to Patrons to my Patreon.

Which Monsters should I avoid if I have sensitive skin?

I would recommend avoiding Ghost as it contains cinnamon.
You may also want to be careful with Gumiho as there are some mild spices used to create the rolled oats accord.
If you know you sometimes react to pine, cedar, or other wood notes I would suggest avoiding Oni and Werewolf.
It's best to always spot test in small amounts on your skin before using larger amounts just in case.
If you experience any redness, itching, or tenderness, stop using immediately.
Monster Mash Price + Product List For Your Convenience
5oz Bath Salts (Bag ONLY) - $5
9.5oz Bath Salts (Bag OR Jar) - $7.50

1oz Body Spray - $5.50
2oz Body Spray - $7.50
4oz Body Spray - $13.50
8oz Body Spray- $25.50

4oz Bubble Wash - $7.50

3oz Dusting Powder (Jar) No Puff - $6.50
3oz Dusting Powder (Jar) With Puff (limit one puff per order) - $15.50

4oz Glycerin Soap Bars (while supplies last) - $7.50

4oz Milk Bath (Bag ONLY) - $7
8oz Milk Bath (Bag OR Jar) - $13

3oz Wax Melt Clamshells (while supplies last) - $8

*Jars for Bath Salts and Milk Baths while supplies last.
Bags will continue to be available throughout the Mash.
If you have no preference, choose Bag when adding to your cart.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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