Amplifying Trans and Gender Diverse voices in Southern Africa: Registration Form

We welcome you to the Online Conversation Registration page. The purpose of the conversation is to better understand the needs of trans and gender diverse communities during a global crisis such as COVID 19.

Many persons within our region have highlighted different issues that we as trans and gender diverse persons are faced with. Lock-down can be easily stressful for individuals who have unsupportive families, abusive partners, or are alone and under-resourced. All solutions start with a conversation!

It is for these reasons that we invite you to participate in a series of online conversations over the next few weeks. Each conversation will be one hour long and is set to take place on every Tuesday from 14:00 hours to 15:00 hours, Central African Time (CAT), with the first conversation set to take place on 21 April 2020.

We would like to apologise for only having the Registration form available in English. We are running on a tight budget.

Areas of engagement throughout the online platform session include, among others;

i. Online introductory session

ii. The impact of lock-down on the mental and physical wellness of trans and gender diverse persons;

iii. Responding to the needs of trans and gender diverse children;

iv. The lack of trans representation in health data collection;

v. Understanding the needs of trans and gender diverse persons through the lens of migration;

vi. Understanding the needs of elderly trans and gender diverse persons;

vii. Understanding the importance of legal recognition for trans and gender diverse persons in fighting COVID-19;

viii. Reflecting on both the opportunities and new threats that are brought about by digital technologies;

ix. How best can we use this period to reflect on the concept and act of social distancing and isolation from the perspectives of trans or gender diverse people;

x. Reflecting on the place of trans-feminist solidarity at a time like this? Using digital platforms to maintain a sense of community.
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