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AFTER SENDING THIS FORM, PLEASE SEND YOUR PHOTO (good quality) TO by informing your full name. We will attach your photo to your job application.
We will delete job application, if you didn't send your photo to email address in 48 hours.
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In some projects, we can employ you for working alone to complete your supervisor's orders. You should be alone in a lab for a long time for fulfilling your work that your supervisor gave to you. It can be boring time for you.
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We should try each other for a period. Then we can apply higher salary. So, please decide about your salary by thinking minimum sufficient amount to you for beginning. Also, we can give some financial shares (%2-%10) from incomes of your projects. According to your job status, it can be (yearly) additional 2000 USD (min) - 100000 USD (max).
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