Tell the City of Fontana to Support Local Jobs and Responsible Development
Transportation and logistics are critical sectors to the regional economy. The movement of goods employs over 192,500 people in the Inland Empire. The transportation and logistics industry has added 95,750 jobs in the area since 2011.  That’s roughly 23% of all new jobs created locally.  These jobs are critical in enabling those without a college degree to provide for their families, with higher salaries than the retail sector. 40% of the nation’s containerized cargo enters through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, making the Inland Empire a key part of the supply chain in ensuring shelves are stocked and goods get to consumers.

This industry also brings critical revenue to cities. The funds created by development support public safety, parks, and street and sidewalk improvements.  When the uncertainly of COVID-19 negatively impacted income and sales tax, industrial facilities continued to operate as essential industries - keeping many cities afloat. These funds help improve the quality of life for residents.

The City of Fontana is actively seeking to create guidelines for responsible development that bring jobs and infrastructure, while ensuring environmental goals are met and creating a better place for residents to live and work. The ability to live and work in the City allows residents to spend more time with their families, and less time commuting, which helps improve air quality.

Tell the City of Fontana you support responsible development that creates good, local jobs.
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Key Points
• Transportation and logistics is a critical piece of the Inland Empire’s economy, and the region is critical to the nation’s supply chain.

• Funds from industrial development can fund public services

• Fontana is proactively creating new guidelines to ensure responsible and environmentally friendly development.

• Industrial development brings well-paying jobs to the City.
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