Kerem House Event Hosting Form
Thank you for your interest at hosting at the Kerem House! Please answer honestly and accurately. We will do our best to contact you within 10 days

Please keep in mind our three options and what suits you best:
All three options require a 100 NIS cleaning fee that will only be returned if the space is cleaned immediaely following your event

1 - Free: You operate an event that brings value that isn't financial.

2 - Risking together: If you aren't sure how much interest your event will bring or are looking to build an audience instead of a downpayment we will ask 1/3 of the profit you receive

3 - Rental: Rent our space for a communal event
Daytime (until 18:00) is 100 NIS per hour
Evening (after 18:00) is 150 NIS per hour
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