pip user experience of backtracking
With the release of the new resolver, pip is now more strict in the package versions it installs.

To communicate to users when (and why) pip backtracks, we've included an INFO message during this backtracking in pip's output. In this message we provide a link to this form for users to tells us about what packages pip backtracks on, how many times it occurs.

We'd appreciate if you answer these questions for us.

This form is managed by the pip development team. Only members of the pip team will have access to the data submitted here.
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Give a short description of what you were trying to do when this backtracking occurred. *
e.g. I was trying to install a packaged called tea. pip was backtracking for more than 45 minutes on a package called cup.
What was the commandline invocation you used? *
e.g. pip install tea
Paste the relevant part of the pip output showing the backtracking. *
Most helpful is output that shows information like - what package you are installing when pip backtracks, the multiple versions of packages that pip tries to install, how many times does pip download those packages. Note: if the pip output is too long for this form, use a Pastebin (https://pastebin.com/) link or a Github gist link (https://gist.github.com/).
What version of pip were you using?
What version of Python were you using?
What OS were you using?
Did you use a requirements.txt file? *
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