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Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh

Respected Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Welcome to Madaniyya Academy!

 We are excited to build a partnership that will help strengthen and maximize student learning.

Please complete this google form (one form per candidate).  Submitting this form will not guarantee a spot for the applicant.  The applicant will only be granted admission on a “first-come, first-serve” basis, and only if the candidate passes the admission test.

Step 1 - Complete Form
Complete and submit this google form.

Step 2 - Email Report Card 
Email the following documents to:
Previous Year’s Report Card Copy for Term 1 & Term 2 (Feb & June)
(Progress Report Cards will not be accepted (November)     
A copy of the most recent transcript (if applying for grades 10-12)

Note: We will not proceed with your application until we have received your child's Term 1 and Term 2 Report Cards.

Step 3 - Office follow-up
Once the above documents have been received, the office administrator will contact you to inform you whether or not your child is eligible for the programs offered at Madaniyya Academy.  You will be assigned a registration date to administer the assessment test and complete the registration process.  
Note: An office follow-up will take place only if there is space available in the program/grade you are applying for.

Step 4 (After phone call approval)
Before your registration date, an e-transfer of $50 for the assessment test (non-refundable) must be sent to  If we do not receive the e-transfer within 24 hours upon phone call conversation, your appointment will be cancelled and will need to be rescheduled after we receive the payment.  Please note: This amount is non-refundable and will not be returned if your child fails the assessment test.

Step 5 - Registration & Assessment Appointment Day 
On the day of your registration appointment, please bring a photocopy of the following documents: 
1. Passport/Birth certificate
2. Immunization record copy
3. Health card copy
4. Previous year's report card (Term 1 & Term 2)
5. Custody Document (if applicable)
6. Admission Fee $200.00 (cash/cheque – no e-transfer)
7. School Supplies Cost $150 / year (cash/cheque – no e-transfer
8. Void Cheque
9. 2 Post-Dated Cheques (12 month payment plan)                       
       (Dated for October 1st and February 1st of applicable year)
If applying for high school:
10. Transcript (if applying to grade 10 and up)           

Note: Please expect a minimum of 4 hours to complete this process. We recommend both parents to be present on their child's registration date.  Once the registration file has been completed and approved by administration(and they are still waiting for their child to complete his/her academic and Qur'an assessment), parents are welcome to leave and return back to school by 12:15 to pick up his/her child. 

Those parents who decline the invitation for admission will lose their priority on the waiting list and need to re-register using this form for future admission opportunities.  All candidates will be complete an assessment test and have a passing grade of 70% and above before admission can be granted.

- JK, SK, and Grade 1 candidates assessments will be administered one to one by our teaching staff. (Parents are not a part of this assessment process.)

- Grades 2 to 8 candidates will have a written assessment and may involve a personal interview if necessary. (Parents are not a part of this assessment process.)

Assessment results will be communicated to parents within 1 week after the admission test has been completed and will be informed with one of the following:

  • Admission granted
  • Conditional admission granted
  • Admission declined
  • Re-assessment required
Please note the following grades currently have a waitlist.

JK Islamic School
SK Islamic School 
Grade 2 Islamic School
Grade 3 Islamic School
Grade 4 Islamic School 
Grade 5 Islamic School (Girls)
Grade 6 Islamic School (Girls)
Grade 7 Islamic School (Girls)
Grade 8 Islamic School (Girls

Grade 3 Hifz 
Grade 4 Hifz
Grade 5 Hifz Boys
Grade 6 Hifz Boys
Grade 7 Hifz Boys
Grade 8 Hifz Boys

After admission: Please note that once the child receives admission, the admission will be valid for one year only. After this period, the institution reserves the right to evaluate and determine whether your child's admission will continue for subsequent years.

During this time, the administration will review various aspects of your child's academic and Islamic studies progress, as well as their attendance and behavior throughout the current school year. These evaluations are crucial in ensuring the best educational experience for all students and maintaining the standards of our institution.

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